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Here you will see watercolor paintings of fabulous and fascinating world of nature.

Here you will find field and garden flowers, painted with a light and delicate, at the same time juicy, bright and  magic watercolors. Watercolor pictures of poppies and sunflowers, bluebells and daisies, cornflowers, and dandelions, peonies and tulips, violets and iris, rose, lavatery,
flowering trees, apple, pear, cherry and lilac will lift your spirits, bring joy and warmth to your home.

In the Gallery are also represented watercolorpictures of animals, birds, fish and insects: butterflies, moths and bees - drawn among the flowers, forests and fields, trees, lake or rivers.

On the website you can find watercolor pictures and graphics, together with detailed descriptions of the pictures, read stories and notes, watch auteur film and leave your review.


- Buy the picture directly from the author;
- Order a copy of a watercolor piture, in case it is in stock out;
- Order a picture in watercolors according to you own story;
- Order watercolor portrait by the photo.

Tender, crisp, bright and colorful watercolor pictures will appear wonderful in сhildrens room, creating warmth and high spirits.





Bright and racy paintings will decorate and enliven your house, club, office or restaurant.

Creative work of authorship is an original gift to your friends and relatives.



A special place on the web site hold handmade dolls, sculpts created by Boris Tsurin.

Dolls are made by order.


Have a nice time!



OLGA TSURINA - watercolor artist, animal painter. Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.
I was born and lives in Moscow. I've graduated from MVHPU (ex. Stroganov), and have a degree in monumental and decorative painting and restoration. I've learned painting restoration and recovery in the most beautiful places of Russia and abroad, mostly in Prague. I travel a lot and I like to paint pictures taken from a life

Favourite genre - animalistic (means to paint animals), and FLOWERS, FLOWERS, FLOWERS ...

Favorite technique - watercolors, alive, light and mobile.


Страница сайта в контакте:  http://vk.com/club38195161


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